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Sep 06 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am

How to Have The Job Interview Winning Mindset

Empowering Job Interview Tips: Milor Coaching's Impactful Workshop


On the first Wednesday of the bustling September, Milor Coaching’s Milica Milor partnered with our foundation to impart invaluable job interview tips! Mili dedicated her time to meticulously craft advice for the residents of Chapman Partnership in Miami, Florida, focusing on enhancing their job-seeking skills. Lo and behold, it was another success!

Empowering Through Job Interview Tips

Our experienced life coach kicked off her workshop by understanding the attendees' specific needs. The Chapman residents present faced challenging circumstances, including unsuccessful job searches and unstable living conditions. Mili recognized the crucial need to boost their confidence specifically in the context of job interviews.

Guiding Through Interview Success

Mili engaged with the attendees through genuine interactions, sharing her expertise in navigating the job interview process. She drew from her personal journey to illustrate the path to building confidence in this professional realm. Her sincere and impactful one-on-one discussions with participants became a cornerstone of the workshop.

Personalized and Empathetic Discussions

During these one-on-one conversations, Mili demonstrated genuine interest by maintaining eye contact and actively listening to individual concerns. She not only offered valuable job interview tips but also provided much-needed support and understanding.


Thank you again Mili for your invaluable guidance in equipping the residents of Chapman Partnerships with essential job interview skills!