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Sep 27 2023


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

IBDPros Silent Auction – NYC

IBDPros Silent Auction:

A Not-So-Silent Impact



Real Estate Meets Art

On the warm, autumn evening of Wednesday, September 27, 2023, everything but silence filled the air at the IBDPros Silent Auction event in SoHo New York. Various individuals with real estate backgrounds gathered and engaged in ambiguous chatter, enjoying delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Besides real estate, our special guests shared one other thing in common. They had all attended this “silent” event for the same reason: to help two nonprofit organizations' fundraising attempts by discreetly bidding on works of art.


Nonprofits Auctioning Hope

At the Wepah Foundation, our nonprofit organization exists solely to provide educational opportunities to those of less privileged backgrounds. While we enjoy hosting our monthly charity workshops, there is so much more we desire to do. Ultimately, we needed additional funding to further expand our foundation’s mission for charity.

Partnering with International Business Development Professionals (IBDPros), an organization “driven to deliver the best content from the world’s leading business development experts across various industries” (ibdpros.org), and fellow nonprofit Splashes of Hope, “a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating art to transform spaces, enrich environments and facilitate healing” (splashesofhope.org), Wepah Foundation and our president, Anahis Barrie, were able to organize the IBDPros Silent Auction. This auction raised funds for our cause through the auctioning of marvelous pieces of art.


From Mundane Office to Miraculous Art Haven

The venue, an everyday office space, was transformed into a spacious art gallery, displaying numerous pieces by established artists. Some of the artists featured included Claudia Marulanda, James Anzalone, Yash Baviskar, and Edmond Agalliu, who flew all the way from Italy to attend this event! The makeshift art gallery also featured the artwork from Anirays Camino, who donated in benefit of Wepah Foundation, and the artwork of artists James Knapp and Sandy Caracciolo, who donated in benefit of Splashes of Hope

At this event, all aspects of art were auctioned for our real estate bidders. On the tables lay mesmerizing paintings by our aforementioned artists, carefully crafted bowls by IBDPros president, Gary Anzalone, luxury designer shoes by Italian shoe designer Daniela Uribe, glistening jewelry pieces, and much more. Each work of art was unique and priceless in its own way, giving our sociable crowd lots more to discuss. With that being said, it was nearly impossible for bidders to decide which artistic piece they would be taking home!


The Silent Auction's Social Impact 

As the evening turned to night, representatives from Splashes of Hope and our very own Wepah Foundation were more than satisfied with the event’s outcome. At this point, bids had been placed on several art items. Concurrently, chatter had now become cohesive and defined. The auction’s attendees had created new bonds with one another through the beauties of artwork and fundraising.

Overall, this silent auction’s turnout was another sweeping success! The event’s real estate guests garnered much information about the Wepah Foundation and our cause. Our nonprofit foundation was able to receive more donations and, in turn, subsequent funding for future charity work endeavors. 


Again, events and donations like these are made possible only through people like you!

Make a difference today!

By Holly Latham