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Jun 28 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Latin America Baseball Fundraiser

Our Latin America Baseball Fundraiser 


At the Wepah Foundation, our mission is to provide opportunities to the less fortunate through fundraisers and charity events. This Latin American Baseball Fundraiser was created with the intent to positively impact the lives of young, underprivileged baseball players in Panama… and it was a success!

How to start a fundraiser?

The Wepah Foundation, a non-profit organization, collaborated with Universal Elite Agency to raise funds for young baseball stars in Panama. After further discussion, the fundraiser's details were posted on a website and the news spread further through various social media platforms. Baseball fans, athletes, and other established individuals heard about this fundraising opportunity and did not hesitate to RSVP!

How to set up a fundraising event?

We first had to find a location for this fundraiser to take place. Luckily, Wepah Foundation’s CEO, Anahís Barrie, had connections and arranged a 3-hour reservation at Sojourn Social, a local restaurant in NYC! Our fundraiser now had a moving cause, a convenient location, prosperous potential attendees, but no decorations!

Our CEO Anahís did not let this stop her! She and one of the Wepah Foundation’s event coordinators scoured the city, traveling everywhere by foot. Behind them, they pulled a large, red wagon to help transport supplies and fundraising necessities!

How to decorate a fundraising event?

Anahís and the event coordinator met at Anahís’ apartment, but they encountered printing issues. After changing the entire design of the Wepah Foundation’s flyers, of which contained the necessary barcodes for attendees to scan and make online donations, the two finally got the flyers printed and headed out to purchase balloon decor.

On their way to a local party decoration store, Anahís and the event coordinator briskly walked while carefully guiding their red cart through the depths of New York City. They soon arrived at the store and decided to buy six orange helium balloons, but they felt something was missing. Fortunately, Anahís spotted giant baseball balloons that would be the perfect completion for this fundraising event!

The pair left the decoration store with their balloons and wagon in hand. Within a few minutes, they arrived at Sojourn Social and put all decorations and flyers in place.

What does a successful fundraiser look like?

Well, a successful fundraiser looks like our Latin America Baseball Fundraiser that you see in these pictures!

The turnout was amazing! The Wepah Foundation received over $600 to purchase baseball equipment for young baseball players in Panama. Our foundation accomplished all of this because generous people like YOU showed up and made it possible for young stars to shine!