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Aug 02 2023


10:00 am - 11:00 am

Floral Workshop with Eileen Sosa

Floral Artistry Blooms: Eileen Sosa's Inspiring Bouquet Workshop


Eileen Sosa, the creative mind behind Miami Flowers and Gifts, brought a burst of floral beauty and a heart full of compassion to the residents of Chapman Partnerships. In a heartwarming charity workshop, Eileen dedicated her time and expertise to guide sheltered individuals in crafting stunning floral bouquets.

Flowers, Art, and Inspiration

The workshop, held within the welcoming walls of Chapman Partnerships, was more than just a creative endeavor. This beautiful experience was an opportunity to empower and inspire! Our workshop's goal was to offer residents a fun, artistic outlet while imparting valuable skills. Fortunately, Eileen knew that learning the art of floral arrangements could potentially open doors to future careers for her attendees, allowing them to seek a fresh new start!

Seeds of Creativity

Eileen's genuine passion for her craft was evident as she patiently guided participants. She took her time teaching them numerous floral techniques like the delicate balance of colors, textures, and designs. Each resident had the chance to express their unique creativity through the medium of flowers. Above all, residents were given the opportunity to create arrangements that mirrored their own personalities!

Blossoming Potential

As the workshop came to an end, the room was filled with beautifully crafted bouquets. Furthermore, attendees left with a strong sense of accomplishment and invaluable newfound knowledge. In the end, Eileen Sosa's charity workshop had successfully sowed the seeds of possibility. It offered Chapman Partnerships' residents a glimpse into a world of floral artistry, creativity, and perhaps, a promising future in the floral design business.