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Sep 07 2023


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

SETA x Daniela Uribe – NYFW – Shop for a Cause

Fashion for a Cause: Uniting Luxury and Philanthropy in the Heart of Manhattan


During the bustling frenzy of New York Fashion Week, an exceptional collaboration unfolded in the heart of Manhattan. Daniela Uribe, a distinguished Italian luxury shoe designer, joined hands with SETA, a prominent apparel company, to create a unique shopping experience with a philanthropic purpose. This event wasn't just about fashion; it was about making a meaningful difference in the world!

Designers with a Purpose

Nestled in the midst of high-end boutiques, the pop-up shop drew great attention. Not only did it have exquisite designs, but it also served an important purpose. Together, Daniela Uribe and SETA had dedicated this venture in support of the Wepah Foundation mission: to provide educational resources and support to underprivileged individuals worldwide.

Empowering Education Worldwide

What set this event apart was its commitment to philanthropy. A generous 40% of the proceeds from every pop-up shop purchase was channeled towards the Wepah Foundation's initiatives. Fashion-forward patrons not only had the opportunity to adorn themselves in elegant attire and luxury footwear but also to be part of a movement that aimed to bring education and hope to those who needed it most.

Channeling Proceeds to Make a Difference

As the curtains closed on this unique collaboration during New York Fashion Week, it was evident that beauty and compassion could seamlessly coexist. Daniela Uribe, SETA, and the Wepah Foundation had successfully woven fashion and philanthropy into a tapestry of hope! The limited event left a lasting impression on the fashion capital and hearts around the world.